Safety guideline

The vision of  is aimed at providing a new online marketplace to rent out all the types products and services .We request all to go through our safety guidelines before proceeding for a deal.

We suggest not to disclose any personal information in your advertisements other than your mobile number and E-mail ID

Do not post any false or irrelevant advertisements and Authenticity of each advertisement is verified and those found to be violating this rule will be strictly dealt with.

The Renter and Rentee are advised to speak to each other and come to an agreement before proceeding with the rental deal. is not responsible for any miscommunication or disagreement between the two parties.

We suggest to verify the quality of the each product you are renting and try to maintain it the same way and will not be responsible for any quality issues or damages or any kind of difficulties happened due to the renter ,rentee, products or miscommunications.

Those who are putting items up for renting are requested to collect a form of surety or assurance from the party you are renting your item  and is not responsible to any damage caused by either party. is a platform which helps to support to display the products posted by the customers, and we don't have any responsibility on product quality, damage, or customers characters or behaviour.


we wish all a safe and happy renting...